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Anchorage and surrounding areas

How do I work with clients? With the patience and design savvy of almost 30 years in the business!

On the day of a consultation, I do a check-in to see how a client's day is going (you never know if a phone call or emergency could have changed our plans to meet!).

Once I get confirmation that all is good, I want to understand why clients have chosen this time to deal with their organization. Usually they are more than ready to explain what has prompted them. Next, I want to find out what their expectations are, what their budget restraints will be, and what type of a timeframe they are considering.

I want them to know me as well, so I take the time to share what my philosophy of organization is, how long I’ve worked as a design consultant and my commitment to help them achieve their goals.

My philosophy is pretty simple: I want for my clients what I want from my own California Closets solutions in my home. When I get dressed in the morning, when I go to my office, I feel the peace that comes from investing in organization. I get really stressed when I don’t have order. We buy things to make us feel good and fulfill a need; it is my goal to bring the same joy and peace to my clients. Funny, but if I had to choose one item that keeps me the most organized, it is the slack rack. I wear slacks every day and I love that rack more than any other accessory.

I’ve been designing with California Closets for almost 30 years, 26 of those as the previous owner of California Closets Anchorage. In that time, I've always asked one simple question of clients: “When you enter your closet (office, garage, etc.), do you love it?” That usually gets a laugh and a “No, I hate it!” answer. We proceed from there.

If you know you could say the same, let's change disorganized clutter into clever storage.

Marge White - Design Consultant