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Nowadays, its extremely hard to keep your home clean with how busy things have gotten and how confusing the world is.  Fortunately for you, California Closets Amagensett can offer some assistance through the creation of one of our brand new closets, guaranteed to make your home a space of clarity and peace!

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We can help you return to the original and pure state of your home with our all new Amagensett closets.  All you have to do is give us a call and ask about the options, and we have consultants awaiting the chance to guide you through our quick and easy customization process:

First you will meet a consultant who will do a walkthrough of your home, asking you a number of questions, and assessing your spatial needs.  This information will be used to choose the different tools to structure your Amagensett closets for the optimal storage potential.

Next, we help you specify the various parts of your Amagensett closets, choosing between hanger space, racks, bins, shelves, drawers, and more.  In addition, here is where you choose stylistic elements such as design cues, trim, detailing, build material, color and more!

Lastly, we ship all the parts of your new Amagensett closets directly to your home, followed by our builders.  Our well-trained builders will take the high quality parts and piece them together in a detail-oriented and effective manner.  Your closet will look like its been part of your home forever!

Truly Great Products from California Closets Amagensett

If this sounds too good to be true, call us to make sure you aren't simply dreaming of your new Amagensett closet!




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