Lauren Whitaker, Design Consultant - Edmonton

When meeting each client, I arrive ready to listen and excited to create a custom solution!

I have been working in the art and design industry since 1997. With an industrial design background, I am focused on the balance of form, function, and style. It’s a balance that can definitely be achieved. We can achieve this with attention to all aspects of the project, from the customer’s needs to awareness of manufacturing techniques.

  Satisfying needs through design the ideal. Storage solutions need to reflect a customer’s personal style and do so with high quality product. Working with the strength of the California Closets brand makes my job easier.

  The aesthetic of our Virtuoso Collection is very exciting. I see its potential in changing our ideas about the role of furniture pieces in the home, office, and retail spaces. We can design systems that become a visual centerpiece for any room in the home. When we add Italian glass or eco-resin doors to the mix, the results are undoubtedly refined in style and quality.