Heather Mathiesen, Design Consultant - Edmonton

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Edmonton and area.

I find one of the best ways to ensure that our clients are happy with the finished product at a consultation is to find out their expectations, in a clear and holistic manner. One example I remember in particular was a customer who called us for a reach-in entry closet. She asked me to find more space for her shoes and jackets and extra storage because her front hall was always cluttered, but as we discussed the issue I found out that what she really needed was a unit for her mudroom to take the pressure off of the front hall closet which she would prefer to use for guests anyways!


I have worked in diverse fields from archaeology to offices, and I hope that makes me able to relate to a wide range of customers. I have also worked in the office at California Closets (in Vancouver), which allows me to help my customers understand the whole process that is involved in bringing them their systems.


I am proud to work for such a customer focused company, whose people and systems are all designed to create the best possible purchasing experience, and to provide you with care throughout the life of your products. As your life changes we can help you to adapt, and grow with you. That’s how we as designers can have long term relationships with our clients, and even end up helping their friends and family.


I love those spaces that allow our customers to play, such as our garage and craft unit accessories. It’s so exciting to put together a system that you know will be a source of not only organization and order, but of enjoyment. For the same reason I am always excited to see the new products and finishes as they come out – there are so many ways to make even a basic functional unit into a work of art!